Taking a “Leap” of taste!

Let me start off by saying I love Napa Valley red wines.  Let me go one step further by saying that I love Napa Valley red wines from the Stags Leap region, so when I received an e-mail from the folks at The Wine Guy, in Smithtown, telling me that Christophe Paubert (Winemaker and General Manager) from Stags Leap winery would be there for a tasting, I had to check in and sample the goods.

Christophe, along with Dina Capizzi of Empire Merchants (regional distributor of Stags Leap wines) were there providing samples of the Stags Leap 2008 Cabernet and Merlot, along with their 2010 Chardonnay.  As expected, both the Cabernet and Merlot were outstanding!  I really like Stags Leap Cabernet.  It’s been a favorite of mine for a number of years now, and the 2008 that I sampled definitely did not disappoint.  A nice bold flavor that had a “berry like” aroma and a beautifully smooth finish.  The Merlot was a bit lighter and brighter compared to the Cabernet, but was very flavorful.  I typically lean more towards the Cabernet, but the Merlot was really very good.

I almost passed on the Chardonnay, because I was so focused on their reds, but decided to give it a try.  I really liked this Chardonnay.  It was lighter and crisp, and didn’t have that oak kick that you typically get out of a California Chardonnay.  It really was very smooth and pleasant on the palate.  I could definitely see myself enjoying a glass of Stags Leap Chardonnay on a warm summers night, while sitting out on the patio after a long day at the office.

I had a chance to meet John Volpi, proprietor of The Wine Guy, who was very warm and gracious.  We chatted a little about my site and about another tasting event that he has planned for tomorrow, 4/19, focusing on various single malt scotches.  I think the events that John puts on throughout the year are fantastic!  He always seems to have something interesting going on, and his events have quite the following.  I have been shopping at The Wine Guy for all of my wine and spirits for over a year now, and not only is the selection outstanding, but the prices are great!  A class establishment full of friendly and helpful people!

Anyone who enjoys sampling the finer wines and spirits owes it to themselves to join The Wine Guy’s mailing list, and partake in their various events throughout the year.

May your journeys bring you great joy and enlightenment.



The Wine Guy

220 West Main St.

Smithtown, NY 11787


Stags Leap


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